Coronavirus (COVID-19) Policy - Host Bookings


What happens if Host submits a cancellation request:

We understand the need for additional flexibility during this period of unprecedented uncertainty and, as such, we are making the below changes to our host cancellation policy.

In the event you are unable to honour a guest booking for one of the below reasons, linked directly to the coronavirus, the usual penalties will be not be applied by Veeve if;

  • The booking is at your primary residence and you are abiding by local laws advising you to remain in your primary residence over the dates of the booking

  • Domestic and / or international travel restrictions mean you are unable to travel

  • You or a member of your household are isolating at the home as a result of confirmed or suspected COVID-19

    Please contact to find out more.

    What happens if Guest submits a cancellation request:

    • In the case of guest cancellations directly relating to COVID-19, no host payment will be due; however,

    • We will communicate the cancellation to you immediately, re-open the dates on your calendar and use reasonable endeavours to find an alternative Booking to fill those dates.

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