Proud to be

Supporting our NHS

We are delighted to have partnered with the UK Short Term Accommodation Association (STAA) as part of an industry-wide initiative to provide free accommodation to NHS key workers while they fight Coronavirus.

To date we’ve serviced over 400 nights of free accommodation for those front line workers – that’s 400 nights where nurses and doctors working in London’s ICUs haven't had to worry about bringing the virus home to vulnerable family members and housemates. 

We would like to thank our homeowners who have generously offered up their homes; and our operations partners at Airlinen and Homes & Villas by Marriott International, who have offered their support by providing linens, towels, and toiletries for NHS stays.

We are proud to have been able to do our part to support NHS workers; read on to find out more about the individual stories behind this amazing initiative. 

Yours sincerely,

David Hosking

CEO, Veeve

NHS front line staff say...

It was the biggest weight lifted off my shoulders knowing I could help during this pandemic without putting anyone from my family at risk. I am a paediatric nurse working at the Royal Free Hospital and was redeployed to work in Intensive Care at the beginning of last month due to Coronavirus. Securing this accommodation not only allowed me to be closer to work, but to also have peace of mind that I was doing my bit to keep my family safe. Thank you to the wonderful hosts who have been so generous in allowing us to stay in their beautiful property!

– Paediatric Nurse // Royal Free Hospital

The NHS home scheme has been wonderful; my colleague and I were so grateful to have access to a Veeve property so that we can shield our family members at home. I personally have an elderly father with chronic lung issues and my colleague, Sara, has a younger sibling with severe asthma. Staying in this property had eased our worries and is conveniently located a short 8-minute walk from the hospital where we work. We can’t thank the Veeve team and the property owner enough for their hospitality

– ICU Nurse // Royal Free Hospital

I am working on the ICU at UCLH full time, it is a tough period. Having a place to come home to, which was so easily arranged, is a big help. I have always been a passionate cook, so having a proper kitchen allows me to treat myself to a nice meal, which is very needed after four nights in the hospital. I enjoy the bath tub (a thing I don’t have in my own flat), soaking in there after 14 hours on my feet is a real treat. So, I am thanking you for offering your flat in these peculiar times. Even if it may sound insignificant when looking at this world-wide crisis, it is a significant support for me during this time.

– ICU Nurse // University College Hospital

Veeve hosts who pledged their homes, say...

When Veeve approached me to offer my flat for the NHS Homes initiative I jumped at the chance. I live abroad and my rental flat has obviously been empty during the pandemic. Veeve made the whole process so easy and being a Brit abroad I am delighted to support the absolute heroism of the NHS and their key workers. The least I can do is give my lovely flat for some R&R when they are not working, while they give so much to our country.

– Veeve Host // Notting Hill

All those in our NHS are doing incredible work keeping us safe. When I heard from Veeve that doctors and others needed places to stay when they couldn’t go back to their family every night, I knew I had to help. Rather than having my flat vacant I am glad it is being used by one of our NHS heroes. Veeve organised it all very smoothly. I feel we’ve all got to do what we can in the current climate.

– Veeve Host // Fulham

We are extremely pleased to be able to help the NHS in any small way. It’s the least we can do in the circumstances. After all we are not able to use the flat ourselves. And Veeve are taking all the responsibility and undertaking the work involved, particularly the cleaning.

– Veeve Host // Islington